Reverse osmosis system

The environmentally friendly technology for the fully automatic and continuous production of ultrapure water from drinking water of highest quality which has been softened or stabilized in hardness in an environmentally friendly way.The reverse osmosis systems from AW stand out because of the following features:
-Environmental acceptability
-Economic efficiency
-Operating safety
-Service friendliness
-Operating facility

The reverse osmosis systems from AW are used among others for: Demineralization of drinking water, production of ultrapure water for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, microelectronics, hospitals and laboratories, Demineralization of water for rinsing and cleaning purposes, Demineralization of additional water for cooling circuits and air conditioning systems, Treatment of metalliferous waste waters, treatment of leakage water from waste dumps, Demineralization of seawater and brackish water

Reverse osmosis systems from AW are designed according to the needs of our customers to achieve the optimum and the most cost-effective solution for the respective application.

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