Electrodeinozation (EDI)

The electrodeinozation is a modern electric demineralization method for the environmentally friendly treatment of ultrapure water. This treatment works continuously without any stoppages or chemicals. Only water and electric current are required as operating material. The modern and innovative EDI systems are used for polishing and are topped by a reverse osmosis unit with softening equipment.

Advantages of the AW-EDI method :
- No need of chemicals
- No stoppages
- Low energy consumption
- Small compact units with high output
- Production of constantly high water quality
- High demineralization rate < 0.1 up to 0.055 µS/cm
- Optimum removal of SiO2 and CO2
- No build-up of germs, as it is self disinfecting

AW-EDI systems are designed in modular system and are available for the most diverse performances. They can be modified and adjusted to the various fields of application depending on each respective application.

For instance there is an execution available for the pharmaceutical ndustry, which can be validated and which also meets US standards.

Please send us your enquiry and we will determine the optimum solution for your needs to offer an efficient and cost-effective system to you.